Homemade Workshop by Ohad Benit

by Anna Kopito | 01.03.15

What is the difference between a maker and a designer?

This morning I found myself reading the headline: ”After Ultrasound: Get a 3D copy of the fetus”. Reading this sentence suddenly made me miss fresh air.

It also remind me of a conversation I had recently with Atar Brosh.

Atar and I sat down and talked about design and the role of the designer in the era of “makers”. In particular we talked in order to understand or point to the difference between designer and maker and the unsure boundaries between them. The maker phenomenon has started to appear in our local landscape. Bringing about an age in which DIY has risen to another level, allowing us all to do everything alone. Starting with 3D printers that could be found in almost every home – from printing off babies before birth in order to get a feel for them (!), to printing off an extra pair of nuts and bolts for construction.

There is something intolerable about the ease of self-production promises, quick and easy with only the gap of creativity in-between.

Atar Brosh – otherwise known as Tag.Me.Not – is one of the more interesting creators in our local landscape. Out of his workshop, set in the balcony of his Tel Aviv home, he has founded “Craftechnologie”. Creating a design language by forming a connection between a parametric core and a handmade core, he is creating something new.

While the Maker has a more immediate path, going from a need or idea to a mechanical solution – a designer has the ability to look at the overall scenario and not only the immediate solution. The designer does not have to approach the exact professional work and interest in any matter, but is a researcher and author. He is a researcher and author of parameters, materials, approaches. The designer works towards decoding material and data, all the while Institutionalising improvisation and forming accessibility.


Unknown Project

(7) Connectors and aluminum pipe

Ohad Benit aka Mishmaacool is a product designer who focuses on the thin line between art and design in order to stimulate a deeper discussion on the boarder between these two disciplines.



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